August 23, 2007 at 3:28 am (emotions)

ok. ive got alot to say but im freaking lazy. wait till im feeling happier.


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August 23, 2007 at 3:28 am (updates)

and the last time i blogged… was 8th august. EARLY morning.

was the day my love booked out after two fReAkInG weeks of not seeing each other!

HE HAD HIS FIELD CAMPPP. he did great.

didnt go out though upon his book out. went 85 with my papa’s car (after fetching my two loves to parkway to get a new fridge)

yes, my fridge broke down. wheee. and we got a better and bigger fridge! cost 4k though. mama wanted a 5k fridge, the one that can grow vegetable, ok, not grow but to enhance the vitamins in the vegetables and fruits. papa wanted a cheapass fridge. me, a japan brand one! (went with them to fridge shopping the day before) 

so to compromise, a panasonic fridge, made in japan, 4k. ❤

though no water dispensing function (only saw the LG has it and its from korea and its cheap = not reliable)


national day, we went sushi tei! i love sushi tei. love their special ebikomayo thing.

but that day, ordered the wrong one. some crab gratin thing…

taste very lil crab. more pastas. ):

but owell. we went sushi tei again! after his another bookout (last week… eh… 19th sep, sunday)

the waitress could recognised us. 

we ordered our usual… sashimi… ebiko.. and that black egg thing.. and etcetc.
i love their prawn with miso paste or the special scallop thing! 😀

do try! 

ya.. he booked in just that monday.. booked out LATE on saturday. because he had this SIT test (is that the spelling?) and he had this sandfly bite, had a jab and went back to my house to sleeeep.

so we could only a patoh on sunday. caught LICENSE TO WED.

a good hilarious comedy. i love.

errr. what else. oh caught this play. on friday, 18th sep.


a pair of complementary ticket  by credit suisse.

accompanied his mum. didnt regret. very good play. furthermore we had the 152$ ticket!

had cocktail, fingerfood and dessert tooooo. by creative eateries.

the host was his mum’s client.. thus the privilege.

i secretly snapped photos of the inside for my love to seee. (was asked to delete but i didnt! X: ) 


ok. thats about all.


just fyi. am working at POSB Tampines Central Branch.

would love it if any of you could accompany me for lunch!

yl did her part for one day already.. when she had off. 😀 thanks! 

saw JAL website. they’re recruiting AS PROMISED by the lady… end sep, middle oct. wheeee.


and the percentage of me trying for airlines again.. is very veryvery slim. ):

feel so bad to quit POSB especially when my manager is nice…


also, most importantly, because my love doesnt like it. he likes his gf to stay at home and wait for his return. LOL.

owell. ):

the pay is tempting though……….. grrrrrrrrrr.


ok the end.

i miss him. and am glad we’re going pretty strong. he said many sweet things that made me feel like im like his gem. (: feel so loved.

and might be going Tokyo. hurhur. even though im fucking broke. but…………………. half sponsored. (:

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August 8, 2007 at 2:31 am (dailyrants, emotions, updates)

 just returned home from my gelare :D, caught my recorded show on DVD, did a little exercise, took a nice warm bath.

so glad my cramps are gone. but thankfully mine always lasted for awhile. only this time, i alittle much longer than before.

luckily today’s not exercise day… but tomorrow i got to work hard.. since

during the afternoon, i ate my 2nd last hippo:

really yummy. candy empire carries them tooo.

and yes, they were the ones bryan bought for me. few months back when he went europe.


i havent finish my giotto too! couldnt bear to…

and i love them very much… 😀 (taken that time when i first got them)




recently,  insomnia is invading my life!

i dont understand why.

i tend to take quite a while before i get to my dreamland this few days. and to make matter worse, every time when i wake up, no, wait, did i really sleep? opened my eyes in the morning, i felt that my brain had been working hard throughout the night.

i dont think im suffering from any stress… unless i really am. because of that.

i dont know. but ive been having nightmares about that. and i dont even feel that ive rested at all.

but its ridiculous. you will get what i meant if you were me.

sorry this is vague. but i really dont feel like saying. and i dont intend to put this as a protected entry.

i just hoped that i can have a peaceful sleep. at least bryan wont be shocked if he sees me zombied.

maybe i’ll grab a magazine or a book or maybe play my ipod to soothe me to sleep.

got to leave. byeeee.

and no. i am not suffering from any depression. not even a mild one. im a happy lil ee ling. i really am. (:


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jane’s birthday and mummy’s birthday dinner!

August 7, 2007 at 3:26 am (updates)

jane’s birthday celebration.

ah. due to me being very hungry and the draining of energy after the gym, i did not take much photos using my, i meant bryan’s camera. so not much photos for that.

jane i need photos from your camera!

the birthday girl:

and me and yuet ling’s photos photo.

thats the best photo, although greenish.

we took quite a number but had to stop before quek/alan kills us because we kept requesting for them to retake.. and our poses did not really quite change alot..

see what i meant?

it just looks darker.

and yes, i dont like flash. because it will make me look uglier than i already am. X:

and the highlight… 


it was great. and very worth the 52+++.

we had them at…



their service was wow.

their food was wow.

a very wide variety of good quality fresh food.

and the host introduced us to the various counters and stuff since its our first visit.

they even directed us in a very detailed way like where’s the washroom (quoting one example).

its like most will usually say; “go straight turn left turn right, etcetc”
but they actually walked us to the entrance and only when the toilet is in view, then they will say; “just walk straight ahead.”
and its not just one person doing that, i guess almost all of them does that. because they did that to my daddy.. then to me.. then my sisters. all on seperate occasion and different people.

perhaps they were trained that way.

and whenever we leave our seats for more food, this waiter serving us will always appear and fold our napkins, change our cutleries, almost immediately. hmm. daddy and mummy had no choice but to tip him. (not that we usually dont. but we never do that for buffets!)

and he will always come to our table and ask if we need refil of water.

we were never given a chance to flag for them (except when we asked for the bill.)

i wont say they have the best service for restaurants (senso, etc also give excellent services), but for buffet, definitely yes so far for all the hotels buffet that ive been to (been to many).

their food was.. cooked on the spot. well almost. they had this little stove and the staff will always come out and check and stir them a little. but the cookies, waffles, were all baked on the spot!

had an oven and waffle maker too.

the oven:

my food! (i did not take everything that i took though)


yes. they served baby lobsters 😀 scallops and many more of my love. all fresh.

i know my selection of food on a plate is.. weird. but i couldnt help it when i see the cheeses and had to put them together. their selection of cheeses were plenty too.

their salad dressings came in many choices. they even included chicken floss too.

their indian food were of great variety. they serve seabass too. and comes in a huge piece. and manymany. they had their roasted duck from cherry garden, a chinese restaurant at the oriental, which is very famous too. the japanese food.. were 😀 too. ok. its an international buffet and they almost had everything. oh including wine.

my desserts:


their wide selection of desserts.


 i couldnt help it but to take a photo with them. ❤

and their icecream are from movenpick!

ok. i am starting to sound like some mountain tortoise.

the restaurant layout:

 i didnt dare walk over to the seafood counter to snap a photo of it.. and mum will definitely scold me for that.

(she didnt even realise i took all these restaurant/food photos. me and my sis took without her realising it because those stuff taken were out of her view. she dont like us to behave like, babarians. only allow to take photos of us but not the food/restaurants.)

they had this fruit corner with manymany fruits. mangosteen, mangoes, jambu, dragonfruits and many exotic fruits too. and you pick one they cut for your on the spot. anyway you like it to be eaten. its the whole fruit for you.

i didnt take them. my parents and sisters ate them though. am not very fond of fruits. X: except that i ate some raspberries. love berries. 😀


our dinner..

made us all very happy..

(except that they didnt have my warm chocolate cake that day!)


sadly, i had to work super hard today at the gym. went there earlier than yuet ling. ):

but its spoilt because we ate beard papa’s fondant after our workout. oh well.

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Protected: leftout.

August 6, 2007 at 5:17 am (emotions)

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cheesybites and mum’s birthday.

August 6, 2007 at 5:06 am (updates)


on the 31st july, the last date before my staff discount (for kfc/pizzahut) expires, my beloved mum accompanied/treated me to pizzahut! and also to curb my cheesesssss cravings.

ya, despite trying that cheesedip ALONE over and over again, i still misses it.

(ok, threw away about 3kg of it or more? because i was kind of sick of it for awhile. imagine having to test them like over a zillion times to ensure the correct timing is able to hit a certain temperature, to microwave few dips at once timing, etcetc. boy was i sooo sick of it that i dont feel anything when i dump them away.)

but anyway, i really crave for it.

so before my work (at shu uemura), we went over to the bedok branch.! and we were very kind to bring this little boy who my mum babysit along!

and he was.. delighted.

he had this kids meal all by himself (minus the few pieces of fish and stars and his whole salad that i stole. but thats really not important.)

and.. me and my mum’s..


(apologised for my very horrible photoshop skills)

am very satisfied. 😀 oh wait. icecream! that came along with the kid’s meal.

reason why one of the m&m is in a mess: my mum had already removed it from the icecream, all set to feed our lil boy. then she saw me focusing the camera on the icecream. she apologised and then put them back.. 


i think my mum is really cute. she even tried to arrange them neatly……. and wait. thats not it. she ‘scolded’ me and said im embarrassing her by taking photos of our food. i gave the excuse that i needed to show my sisters, which i really need because they wanted to see (ok not the food though).

hurhur. we had our cheesybites yesterday too (saturday) at siglap because my sisters said thats only fair.

they enjoyed it very much too.. and we were too hungry for any photos. had garlic bread and an extra pan pizza too. we ordered the set actually, plus garlic bread. 😀


mum’s birthday! ❤

happy birthday to my dearest mum 😀


cake from choc-a-bloc!

we had this crunchie something. its like its hazelnut chocolate based.

veryvery yummy. my sisters and mum were all addicted to it! (dad’s not very fond of chocolate cakes)

and finally the last photo, our family photo..:

i love my family alot alot alot.

and i know they love me very much too. (:

and furthermore, its eternal.

and i know they love me more than anybody else does. ok, maybe bryan also love me that much too.

because i know the bond is no secrets and no being leftout kind of feel. and they will always want me to be there with them no matter where they go. especially my parents and bryan. im always informed.


– the end –

and of course, the rest of my days were gym, dance classes, aerobics classes, fitness classes, etcetc.

and friday, jane’s birthday bbq,

today (sunday) had our FAMILY dinner at MELT! expensive but very good. very worth the money.

photos to be up, later! good night!

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a lil short update.

August 3, 2007 at 2:01 am (dailyrants)

to those who’ve showed me your concern in whatever way, thank you very much. 🙂

im very fine and ok now. was never not ok.. just that you know, the sudden absence of somebody can really suck. but then again, it not that horrible to get me into the state of depression or bring me down, or like, like, really sad.


maybe at night. or probably, initially.

now am doing fine. really fine.

i hope i will be too, when he’s out for his field camp. 6 days no contact.

but hey, im smart enough to keep myself busy with outings and of course, classes from california fitness. and also, avoiding sappy love songs, sad drama serials.

speaking of drama serial, SPLIT SECOND, this hongkong show is really, COOL.

handsome manly guys. boyish looking guys who are manly too. 😀

yesterday was the final episode. even though it is a show with deaths in almost every episode, i really like this show, alot.

rewatching it at crunchyroll.

im those sort who cant bear to let go of any shows and will feel down at the last episode.

alright, tomorrow will be going ecp for jane’s birthday bbq. 🙂

a little short update for those who havent been hanging out with me:

i worked at shu uemera that two days and i enjoyed it.

i will be working for POSB instead of UOB because their pay is better and i love the location.

im doing fine.

i will be uploading photos of whatever that ive done over the past few days. (wanted to do it initially but im really very sleepy now)

been busy at the gym and also attending classes at california fitness.

i love watching tv. errr.

alright. BYE!

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