October 30, 2007 at 11:02 pm (updates)

we missed the tsukiji fish market. couldnt wake up.

lunch inside the train station… at central tokyo.

not bad. but salty.

and tasty.

our last photo at sheraton grande while heading back to the shuttle bus to the airport:

and of course we were pretty reluctant…

i kept myself busy by gorging food.

byebye japan..

hello to the food that ive bought back:



o. and im trying out SKII eye treatment film. heard that its good.

i shall feedback on it next time… after i get enough rest and sleep 🙂 supplement + effort = beautiful.


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October 30, 2007 at 10:08 pm (updates)







its like we go through this storyline… (about how the explorer died from a msyterious lift at this hotel…) then took a lift all the way up then sudden drop.

i we thought it was scary. but its not.

owell. the storyline seemed pretty interesting but its in japanese.

hmm. other photos in Disneysea..

our lunch…..

and saw this special icecream

seasalt icecream! ok i admit im attracted to the beautiful casing too 😀

night.. at disneysea:

our dinner:

oh and we had this bottle of Rosa before our dinner.. and drank them all up in like less than 30mins?

yes. took two rides (one the tower of terror and another a slight roller coaster bumpy ride) after that..

and i puke. during the ride. (had plastic bag prepared already)

i even felt like i was about to faint when i took the ride. lightheaded and stuff.


i look reddish red and stuff. and i was feeling like some shit.

i cant take alcohol well. bryan said i should have told him not to take the ride… but owell. didnt want to waste it.

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Protected: very protected II

October 27, 2007 at 2:31 am (emotions)

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October 18, 2007 at 9:05 pm (1)


 our buzzlight year rideeeee 😀

pretty fun. we get to shoot our way through the ride. and they’ve included a point system.

im a failure though.

then a 3d stimulator show. b-o-r-i-n-g. because its the same as the one at LA disneyland. why dont they change the show or something?!? i watched that like years ago. =.=

but we had our fun snapping photos before the thing. 😀

and i like this retarded one 😀

then the winnie the pooh adventure ride. i like it. feeeeeel like im a child once again.

we get to read from a huge book (random, unfortunately, SKIPPED pages) during the queue.

somehow i like how bryan captured my interest (im totally unaware of it. but i like it :D) 

that was our last ride. ): we had to part with this magical world. ):

another nightview.

and i was so reluctant to leave this place because of this..







beautiful cakes. actually i forgot if its actually real. but i love how beautiful cakes can turn out to be. have i ever mention to you people that i aspire to create beautiful and yummy cakes, pastries, etcetc.

Me = Pâtissier

owell. maybe after my degree, if ive got the chance, i really wished to study at le cordon bleu. (:

ok thats another story…


on our way back to the hotel..

and yes. this:

is inside our hotel. they’ve got a wowing big arcade. very japanese arcade. not like the cheapass ones that we see in some places in sg.

and our maggi meeee dinner. mine’s this pork bone based ramen.

and it was pretty goodddd.

but i cant say the same for bryan’s:

after dinner. icecream!!!

and… after all these… he managed to catch a stitch for me at the arcade!! ok we cheated actually. but who cares.

the guy helped us by shifting the stitch. 😀

and its not for sale!!! its a prized stitch. wheee.

back to our room, i kicked bryan aside to take photos with stitch.

and more photos…

and i gave him a bed.. all by himself. 😀

with a nighthat to keep him warm.

 sweet dreams.







oh and his mum was kind enough to leave cakes behind for our breakfast tomorrow. but it wasnt very good. disappointing for cakes from a 5star hotel.


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October 18, 2007 at 12:53 am (updates)


three sets of…

and to console ourselves,


is a total of about 130+++ (cant remember)

its ok if its fantastically fantastic. but it was really… blah. ok.

worse thing was that we didnt know it will cost this <——> much. i mean does the meal even worth that much?

 owell. a good try.

then me and bryan headed tooooooooooo…… ta-da-DA.


OK. ive always love disneyland (hated the price) even since when i went to the one at LA with my family, which was MUCH BETTER. they speak english, everything english.

but tokyo one was not bad too. i like the people. (:

anyway, was very curious to why they had disneyland and disneysea. i was like wow. different from usa. usa didnt have that. so shall give both a try. (seperate days though)

but it turned out to be that if you combine disneyland and disneysea together, it equals to LA’s disneyland. hmm.

but who cares.

i ❤ disneyland x10000000000.

its the only place where i can feel YOUNG again. not that im old, but anyway!

presenting to you… disneyland..

first stop… trying of the ‘heads’

was really excited when i saw people wearing it while making my way to disneyland.

so i buggggg him that this will have to be our very first stop.



the people… (plus the balloons)

and us!

us again

as the queue was fucking long… our fastpass, we only managed to get for one ride! which was fucking late. note the time.

like how many donkey hours after!! imagine the crowd. omg.

12.15.. we can only take our ride at 20.50 ~ 21.50.

and yes. the queue average waiting time is about 1 – 2 hours!!!!!!

owell. then we headed for:


i love this town man. but because he didnt quite like we didnt stay for long.

i remember loitering there when i was with my family (ok we had like 3 days? or more than that pass. so we do have plenty of time)

our first ride. was some kiddykiddy toontown rabbit ride. but i like it. 😀

makes me happy. hur.

then our second ride…


but to kill the time…


and i started to study the map, TOO.

so very quickly.. we were up there.

but errr. still got a long wait. we waited for like almost 2 hour (or more?) for one ride that lasted for less then 3 mins?

and man.. we were sooo hungry after this.. had our late lunch!!

after lunch, we flew on a dumbo.

and many other rides. too busy running from places to places to take anymore photos.

then, we toook ths disneyland special its a small world horror ride.

ok actually it wasnt scary.

its just the normal “its a small world” ride. we thought it will be different (because both of us remembered that its supposed to be different!!)

turn out that

its a pretty retarded normal ride. with dolls dancing and singing its a small world. and its wasnt really pretty.

i still smile, anyway.

beautiful night view of disneyland…

and i think i will continue more tomorrow. its 1am and im tired. sorry.

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October 17, 2007 at 12:48 am (updates)

hurhur. me and my camera. alright i know its out already… but 😀 am still proud to be the FIRST in singapore to own it. and probably the world……. wheeee.

ok really got to go. byeeee.

(ok i better fucking not lose this. lost like my nokia phone.. my lg chocolate (my gift from bryan! D:) … two of my cameras (one was like 700, another 500? argh.))

i am one very careless girl.

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October 17, 2007 at 12:40 am (updates)

sorry for the very belated update… been veryvery busy (and lazy).

weekdays, work, lesson, (sometimes, gym), tv, sleep.

weekends, bryan bryan bryan.

ahhh. am really so packed that i kept falling asleep in class! like practically every minute. opps.

anyway, a continuation. am really sorry if it pretty brief. its 12midnight and i promised myself to sleep at 11.30!

i was being a nice sister to help my sister shade her olevels art (one of it):

my shading really deproved! but at least i tired my best. blame it on the 4 years of not touching art AT ALL.

i used to love painting ALOT. im better with acrylic paintings…… shading wise.. hmm. i need the black pen to enhance the strokes too.

ok. back to the original topic.



yummy BUFFET STYLE breakfast!

accompanied with beautiful scenery…

bath at the hotspring, facing mt fuji..

the only prob is that WE HAVE TO ENTER THE HOT SPRING BATH LIKE TOTALLY NAKED. so glad at that time nobody was around. hurhur.

errr. fyi, its a male-female seperate bath.

back to shinjuku.. then to maihama (where disneyland is located!)

on the way on the way..!!

the park view from our hotel…. SHERATON GRANDE. one of disneyland’s official hotel.

we were very fortunate that they upgraded us to the executive floor.

a very beautiful hotel.

our yummy pizza at the hotel’s cafe (which was fucking expensive i tell you. wait till i blog about their breakfast tomorrow. the price was.. shocking)

very deliciously cheesy yummy pizza 😀

blue cheese is included.. too!!! 4 cheeses.

and.. our hotel transfer shuttle bus service 😀

then me and bryan headed to akahibara.. the electrical city.

many many anime and manga stuff :D~~~

then both of us very ON one.. craved for that famous ramen (remember i mentioned earlier on?) at harajuku so we took a 45 min train ride (its already 8.45 something like that) alllll the way there!!! hoping thats its still open

and indeed it is! there’s still some queues even! not as long but pretty long.

and this time we ordered the spicy version. and damn was it good. oh god.

(in case you’re wondering, ya his mum didnt join us.)

then since its like alrdy 12 midnight, only the tram service is still available… so we took a one way pass 😀

hurhur. its really empty. so glad to be able to stay at sheraton grande 😀

and to end this off… just want to share my favourite poster on the tram!!!


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hello people

October 11, 2007 at 12:33 am (updates)

hi people.

apologies for the sudden stop in the updates of my trip. i promise to update them soon ok?

maybe tomorrow.

give me time ok?

been feeling like shit this few days, due to several factors (dont ask)

whatever it is, dont EVER forget me.


just a short update:


started my course with POSB.

am not trying out for the airlines anymore (because ive decided that i should respect his decision) i really hoped ive made the right decision….

been busy, tired and busy. and really tired.

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Protected: very protected.

October 11, 2007 at 12:28 am (emotions)

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October 8, 2007 at 11:55 pm (emotions)

Your Personality is Somewhat Rare (ENFP)

Your personality type is enthusiastic, giving, cautious, and loyal.Only about 8% of all people have your personality, including 9% of all women and 6% of all men

You are Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving.

How Rare Is Your Personality?

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