November 22, 2007 at 12:37 am (updates)

sister’s birthday (19nov07) :

 (18nov07, dinner at Tung Lok’s teahouse)

mum & dad



errr. was too hungry to take anymore photos………. its a dimsum buffet!

w sharkfin. (1 portion each only)

lol. ok i guess its a canto seafood + dimsum buffet.


i love this dessert:

and me and my sisss in the toilet:

and me again 😀

ok. was a dumb pose.

anyway to some of you, perhaps these photos backdrop seemed familiar.. its either you’ve been there before or its because you’ve been reading my blog since 2 years back.

cos have been there before for my bday celebration 😀


i decorated one ok!!! haha. ok. its kind of ugly. bought the wrong tip actually…………………. but was a last min decision.

bought sara lee’s cheesecake (original) and i decorated it.


sister had her birthdaysurprise by her bestie. 🙂 glad she enjoyed her bday.

ALRIGHT GOT TO GO. happy belated bday to my sister, my cousin (chian), my another cousin (yunyi), my friend (nelson), errr. i guess i dont really have friends who’re nov babies. ok. BYE.

sorry if ive missed you out. im heartless i know.

OH. did i mentioned that i was down because bryan’s dog had to be given away!!!! hopefully he can get them back… if he managed to get into signals after he become an officer. i miss frost and lightning… esp frost because very unlikely can see him much.

i really teared for frost. imagine if he’s really my dog. hai.

oh. and my friend who i got to know from the stewardess interview is leaving posb! oh man. ): lost one colleague whom i can trust. ):



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