November 27, 2007 at 12:07 am (updates)

ah. i very much lost that anger to bitch about this 3 or 4 yrs older than me bitch.

but anyway she’s a real bitch. she wanted me to print the statement for her bankaccount. but i reminded her of the bank SURCHARGE of 20$.

“20$ for a bloody piece of paper?”

and yes. i was still calm. trying to be at least. i mean its ridiculous to pay 20$ for a statement…. a lil too pricey.

so i offered an alternative for her. to go online and print FOR FREE.

then she started coming up with excuses like what she’ll be busy.. will be going EUROPE (who cares.) SO SHE WONT HAVE TIME TO DO ALL THESE. (no time to login to ibank and print her statement if she so BLOODY needed it?)

i told her sorry if she really want she can either print online or pay 20$ for the printing.

and she should just bloody fuck off lah. she responded with a “whatever” and walked off.

boy i was really pissed. i really felt like slapping her.

if only i could. i even wanted to do some bad stuff (errr.) yeah like do those threatening shit and stuff… or even smsed her with MY MOBILE NUMBER and scold her.

argh. still controlling and reminding myself that i shouldnt and i should be good and nice and forgiving.

am trying very hard. because i seriously feel that she wont do that to the aunties.

and ive checked her account. she’s not like some rich fuck. and she is not really pretty. she’s tanned and short.

stupid bitch.






ok but i do love some customers who are really nice. (:

they really made my day.

anyway, weekend was not very well spent (unfortunately.)

but nothing is always sweet.

some glimpse of the christmas lightings….

i loveee christmas.

anyway wheee. am very happy for i finally managed to find and modify a yummy yummy creampuff that puffs up beautifully.

ahhh the different in sizes are PURPOSELY made that way. wanted to see which size will be the best.

anyway i love this:


i love baking. 


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