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November 23, 2007 at 12:07 am (1)

my friend, daphne finally left the branch. oh man. cant wait to leave too!!!!

bought her this lil ariel doll from toys’r’us. and a lil small ariel figurine. was on the way out of toys’r’us when i saw thing vending turnturn machine.

ive always like turning this kind thing… love the surprises. (:

anyway i saw this disney princess collection so i decided to give it a try. anyway i love the disneyprincess too. :DDD especially sleeping beauty.

was hoping for it to be either sleeping beauty or ariel. if its ariel… then it shall go to Daphne. ah. seemed like god wants me to be a nice friend and give it to her. and THERE. ARIEL POPPED OUT. i meant dropped out. fall out. err. whatever.

but alright. am glad anyway since she likes it (:

argh. i hated those parting moments. really hoped that we’ll be able to keep in touch. (:

i’ve never like losing a friend esp those whom i can talk to.



my job… kind of amm. i dont know. i dont like it sometimes. or most of the times.

but i get to see and interact with many different kinds of people.

people who will let me show them my black face.. who can make me not say thank you.. who can make me feel happy… who painted their nails with markers… who are rich and nice.. who are rich and lunatic.. who are a rich snob.. who are poor.. who are smiley.. who are toothless.. who are dirty… who are bangalas.. who are those who i really dont wish to touch their thumb.. who are disgusting.. who have horrible hair color.. who have ugly tattoos.. who are bitchy… blahblahblah.

too many to list out.

and its stressful! lost few dollars before. argh. made several (or many?) mistakes.

ok i shall end my random post. have to sleep.

got to crawl to work tomorrow.


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October 18, 2007 at 9:05 pm (1)


 our buzzlight year rideeeee 😀

pretty fun. we get to shoot our way through the ride. and they’ve included a point system.

im a failure though.

then a 3d stimulator show. b-o-r-i-n-g. because its the same as the one at LA disneyland. why dont they change the show or something?!? i watched that like years ago. =.=

but we had our fun snapping photos before the thing. 😀

and i like this retarded one 😀

then the winnie the pooh adventure ride. i like it. feeeeeel like im a child once again.

we get to read from a huge book (random, unfortunately, SKIPPED pages) during the queue.

somehow i like how bryan captured my interest (im totally unaware of it. but i like it :D) 

that was our last ride. ): we had to part with this magical world. ):

another nightview.

and i was so reluctant to leave this place because of this..







beautiful cakes. actually i forgot if its actually real. but i love how beautiful cakes can turn out to be. have i ever mention to you people that i aspire to create beautiful and yummy cakes, pastries, etcetc.

Me = Pâtissier

owell. maybe after my degree, if ive got the chance, i really wished to study at le cordon bleu. (:

ok thats another story…


on our way back to the hotel..

and yes. this:

is inside our hotel. they’ve got a wowing big arcade. very japanese arcade. not like the cheapass ones that we see in some places in sg.

and our maggi meeee dinner. mine’s this pork bone based ramen.

and it was pretty goodddd.

but i cant say the same for bryan’s:

after dinner. icecream!!!

and… after all these… he managed to catch a stitch for me at the arcade!! ok we cheated actually. but who cares.

the guy helped us by shifting the stitch. 😀

and its not for sale!!! its a prized stitch. wheee.

back to our room, i kicked bryan aside to take photos with stitch.

and more photos…

and i gave him a bed.. all by himself. 😀

with a nighthat to keep him warm.

 sweet dreams.







oh and his mum was kind enough to leave cakes behind for our breakfast tomorrow. but it wasnt very good. disappointing for cakes from a 5star hotel.


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