April 5, 2008 at 3:36 am (dailyrants, updates)


past few days been a mix of everything.

bf, breakfast, cakes, puffs, changi village breaky, meat, sick (errr), dota, mango, wabbit.

and yes. late nights. ugly eye bags. dark eye circles.


love the time spent with bf..


w his little pink shit on top of his head D:

and wheee. that cheesecake too.


 my new founded name, as given by my ‘mentor’

i really cant help having a pea sized brain memory capacity ):


anyway. tonight was great too. nice catching up with my fave gf (: and the rabbit.

guess i should be sleeping soon…


one last thing.. BF is in BRUNEI. D:



let’s see if eating monitor lizard can help to shed those %E^$$X#%%T#$R%A$$#% kilos. stay tune for updates on EE LING’S GUIDE TO SLIMMING. (:


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August 8, 2007 at 2:31 am (dailyrants, emotions, updates)

 just returned home from my gelare :D, caught my recorded show on DVD, did a little exercise, took a nice warm bath.

so glad my cramps are gone. but thankfully mine always lasted for awhile. only this time, i alittle much longer than before.

luckily today’s not exercise day… but tomorrow i got to work hard.. since

during the afternoon, i ate my 2nd last hippo:

really yummy. candy empire carries them tooo.

and yes, they were the ones bryan bought for me. few months back when he went europe.


i havent finish my giotto too! couldnt bear to…

and i love them very much… 😀 (taken that time when i first got them)




recently,  insomnia is invading my life!

i dont understand why.

i tend to take quite a while before i get to my dreamland this few days. and to make matter worse, every time when i wake up, no, wait, did i really sleep? opened my eyes in the morning, i felt that my brain had been working hard throughout the night.

i dont think im suffering from any stress… unless i really am. because of that.

i dont know. but ive been having nightmares about that. and i dont even feel that ive rested at all.

but its ridiculous. you will get what i meant if you were me.

sorry this is vague. but i really dont feel like saying. and i dont intend to put this as a protected entry.

i just hoped that i can have a peaceful sleep. at least bryan wont be shocked if he sees me zombied.

maybe i’ll grab a magazine or a book or maybe play my ipod to soothe me to sleep.

got to leave. byeeee.

and no. i am not suffering from any depression. not even a mild one. im a happy lil ee ling. i really am. (:


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a lil short update.

August 3, 2007 at 2:01 am (dailyrants)

to those who’ve showed me your concern in whatever way, thank you very much. 🙂

im very fine and ok now. was never not ok.. just that you know, the sudden absence of somebody can really suck. but then again, it not that horrible to get me into the state of depression or bring me down, or like, like, really sad.


maybe at night. or probably, initially.

now am doing fine. really fine.

i hope i will be too, when he’s out for his field camp. 6 days no contact.

but hey, im smart enough to keep myself busy with outings and of course, classes from california fitness. and also, avoiding sappy love songs, sad drama serials.

speaking of drama serial, SPLIT SECOND, this hongkong show is really, COOL.

handsome manly guys. boyish looking guys who are manly too. 😀

yesterday was the final episode. even though it is a show with deaths in almost every episode, i really like this show, alot.

rewatching it at crunchyroll.

im those sort who cant bear to let go of any shows and will feel down at the last episode.

alright, tomorrow will be going ecp for jane’s birthday bbq. 🙂

a little short update for those who havent been hanging out with me:

i worked at shu uemera that two days and i enjoyed it.

i will be working for POSB instead of UOB because their pay is better and i love the location.

im doing fine.

i will be uploading photos of whatever that ive done over the past few days. (wanted to do it initially but im really very sleepy now)

been busy at the gym and also attending classes at california fitness.

i love watching tv. errr.

alright. BYE!

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July 31, 2007 at 2:01 am (dailyrants)

today had a great workout at california fitness,

followed by mos with mango, pearlyn and peter.

before that was mega rush for me. went over to oub to sign some stuff and then to L’Expertise Beaute to sign some stuff too.

Yup, am working for Shu Umera tomorrow! the interview was supposingly fast (had them somewhere last week), but because of my blurness, it delayed.

I waited for the wrong person! almost an hour!

they both shared the same name =.=

fortunately for me, the lady from HR did not conduct a one to one sit down kind of interview.

it was really i-n-f-o-r-m-a-l.

the moment i entered and introduced myself as Ee Ling, she said; “ok you’re hired”

see. i could have saved alot of time. furthermore, i wasted 3$ on the parking fees! #@$#%^

i like such interviews.

save my time. save my breath. and also, save myself from being tongueless after i die.


and she wanted to offer me a full time position.. well. am still thinking hard about it.. because, ive agreed to work with UOB.

makeup vs banking. i veryvery much prefer to go under the cosmetic line.

and the UOB pay is.. attractive. very.

she offered to let me have weekends, maybe, off? yet to be discussed further.



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a fast weekend

July 30, 2007 at 12:21 am (dailyrants)

weekend has been…



he booked out (hooray).

(went to the gym with yl before that.)

went 85 with his papa and aunty marie. had a huge feast. (yes i know my exercise plan has been wasted)

then he stayed over my house.


visited his doggs at aunty marie’s place.

his dog (frost) has been disfigured by him as you can see from that picture. =\

aunty marie’s dog (the smaller one) and his other dog (the bigger one)

that two dogs (sleeping beside each other) had a huge fight the night before.

and aunty marie’s dog got injured.

the bandaged leg.

they both shared a love hate relationship.

had lunch here..

very yummy. a small little restaurant selling yummy curry.

pretty cheap.

then, we proceeded to some tiles shop.. to shop for tiles for bryan’s new house.

❤ tiles-shopping.

and i dont know why.

but its really nice and fun.

i tend to try picture out my dream house whenever i see a nice tile.


attended church, then went for a movie!

oh before that, collected my naruto manga, also one of my birthday gifts. 😀

kinnokuniya had them flew from japan. he especially reserved them for me, me, me. 🙂

we watched The Simpsons.

a really good an hilarious movie. i really like it alot..

but we got to ‘throw’ our tickets away into the luckydraw bin.. to try win for the contest:

we were really thinking about it hard, deciding if we should throw our memories away to this contest that 100000000000000 in a chance that we will win..

but when we saw one of the prizes is an

ipod video,

we decided to try.

so here’s what’s left for us to remember:

ok, you really got to watch The Simpsons.

because its great.

then, we had to rush home because he’ll be meeting his mum tomorrow (sunday).

he stayed over again 😀

Sunday ):

went to eat yongtaufoo+winedlala+rawfish.

then, went to grab his army shit,

in my papa’s pickup!

mama and papa had to wash our car thus we gotta drive the alternative: a pickup!

had a very good laugh on the way. enjoyable. because its funny.

hurhur. missed that moment. ):

ok i missed every moment.

hai. my army boy had to go. had our dinner at mac.

10 more days till i see him again. ):

i love and miss my handsome pretty pretty handsome girl boy man. 😀 (sorry. im fickle!)

no PDA in his army clothing ):
not even holding of hands! but he’s so sweet to change into civilian’s clothing at WS on friday night.. because he said he cant wait to hug me. (:

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exercise <3

July 27, 2007 at 2:07 am (dailyrants)

i think my legs are strongggg.

despite having to exercise for like 4 hours ++. and having it to be really sore after my exercise,

this morning i wake up feeling, great. 😀

no pain. no nothing.

i did:






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olevels art.

July 25, 2007 at 2:50 am (dailyrants)

his laptop didnt have the photoshop programme so pardon for that bad effects.

(ok, even if he have them, i doubt i will be able to make a nice picture out of the original photo anyway)


sister rushing to show her art teacher (who apparently suck) her progression, kind of let me *fluffy clouds* wayyyyyyyyyyy back to my secondary 4 period.

i rushed my mounting board too. and am very proud of it. 😀 because i love my artwork

if not why did she begged me for help.
ok. begged is not an appropriate word since im a nice sister.
even if she order me to do them for her, i will. there’s no need to resort to violence because

im nice and helpful. 😀

ok helped her to rush. gave her ideas. but i dont like the fact that she cant even write a proper writeup!

i had to do them for her. =\

im that nice that i missed my 85 dinner with my friends. ): leaving me hungryyy.

but had my kfc dinner though 😀 my meltzzzz.



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california fitness

July 24, 2007 at 6:29 pm (dailyrants)


need i say more? 😀

tomorrow will be me and yuet ling’s first lesson at california fitness.

never thought that i’ll be a member there…….. but their packages are tooo attractive.

gym, classes, sauna,  steambath.


and hot muscular sweaty guys. haha. ok im just kidding.

really really kidding.

friday friday friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 more days! or is it 3? hmm. im not quite sure how to count.

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wedding and cupcakes

July 24, 2007 at 5:53 pm (dailyrants)

this other day (Saturday) went bugis with lani and we saw this hugggeeeeee, ok, tallllllllllllll wedding cake..

its a real cake.

but i doubt it will taste good and it definitely cost a bomb.

but still, its very beautiful. T.T


they’ve got this exhibition of weddings of different races:


bugis also had this food fair.

and we tried this pretty cupcakes from..

very pretty 😀

(lani’s had her’s half bitten

but the taste.. well. i would say it was okay. 

but veryvery pretty.

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girls’ (well, almost) nightout.

July 21, 2007 at 6:55 am (dailyrants)

a very very belated birthday celebration for me myself and i at the village (vee-la’r’ge)

i would say its more like a gathering.. 😀

yes. we were



At Clarke Quay……..

then we went to marina south arcade.. minus cass 😦

i really suck at those shooting games.. alan had a fun time videoing me and yl’s unprofessional way of playing Jurassic park game.. jane’s busy laughin.

but owell. had fun. 😀

and of course, i did captured their shooting moments too X:

and.. i saw this stitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i think i love stitch.

he never fail to catch my eye. i always will notice him. 😀


some of us headed to..

at katong.. minus claud and nicole too. 😦

but well, still took some photos anyway.


me and yl’s FOOD!

there. my diet plan is


but at least my day is brightened up 😀

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