April 5, 2008 at 3:36 am (dailyrants, updates)


past few days been a mix of everything.

bf, breakfast, cakes, puffs, changi village breaky, meat, sick (errr), dota, mango, wabbit.

and yes. late nights. ugly eye bags. dark eye circles.


love the time spent with bf..


w his little pink shit on top of his head D:

and wheee. that cheesecake too.


 my new founded name, as given by my ‘mentor’

i really cant help having a pea sized brain memory capacity ):


anyway. tonight was great too. nice catching up with my fave gf (: and the rabbit.

guess i should be sleeping soon…


one last thing.. BF is in BRUNEI. D:



let’s see if eating monitor lizard can help to shed those %E^$$X#%%T#$R%A$$#% kilos. stay tune for updates on EE LING’S GUIDE TO SLIMMING. (:


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November 28, 2007 at 12:28 am (updates)

hi darlings.. im very sorry but ive shifted! again.


update your blog links please! sorry for the trouble. just couldnt stand that error in my old wordpress.

i know im troublesome and this is irritating.

many apologies. hugs and kisses.

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November 27, 2007 at 12:07 am (updates)

ah. i very much lost that anger to bitch about this 3 or 4 yrs older than me bitch.

but anyway she’s a real bitch. she wanted me to print the statement for her bankaccount. but i reminded her of the bank SURCHARGE of 20$.

“20$ for a bloody piece of paper?”

and yes. i was still calm. trying to be at least. i mean its ridiculous to pay 20$ for a statement…. a lil too pricey.

so i offered an alternative for her. to go online and print FOR FREE.

then she started coming up with excuses like what she’ll be busy.. will be going EUROPE (who cares.) SO SHE WONT HAVE TIME TO DO ALL THESE. (no time to login to ibank and print her statement if she so BLOODY needed it?)

i told her sorry if she really want she can either print online or pay 20$ for the printing.

and she should just bloody fuck off lah. she responded with a “whatever” and walked off.

boy i was really pissed. i really felt like slapping her.

if only i could. i even wanted to do some bad stuff (errr.) yeah like do those threatening shit and stuff… or even smsed her with MY MOBILE NUMBER and scold her.

argh. still controlling and reminding myself that i shouldnt and i should be good and nice and forgiving.

am trying very hard. because i seriously feel that she wont do that to the aunties.

and ive checked her account. she’s not like some rich fuck. and she is not really pretty. she’s tanned and short.

stupid bitch.






ok but i do love some customers who are really nice. (:

they really made my day.

anyway, weekend was not very well spent (unfortunately.)

but nothing is always sweet.

some glimpse of the christmas lightings….

i loveee christmas.

anyway wheee. am very happy for i finally managed to find and modify a yummy yummy creampuff that puffs up beautifully.

ahhh the different in sizes are PURPOSELY made that way. wanted to see which size will be the best.

anyway i love this:


i love baking. 

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November 22, 2007 at 12:37 am (updates)

sister’s birthday (19nov07) :

 (18nov07, dinner at Tung Lok’s teahouse)

mum & dad



errr. was too hungry to take anymore photos………. its a dimsum buffet!

w sharkfin. (1 portion each only)

lol. ok i guess its a canto seafood + dimsum buffet.


i love this dessert:

and me and my sisss in the toilet:

and me again 😀

ok. was a dumb pose.

anyway to some of you, perhaps these photos backdrop seemed familiar.. its either you’ve been there before or its because you’ve been reading my blog since 2 years back.

cos have been there before for my bday celebration 😀


i decorated one ok!!! haha. ok. its kind of ugly. bought the wrong tip actually…………………. but was a last min decision.

bought sara lee’s cheesecake (original) and i decorated it.


sister had her birthdaysurprise by her bestie. 🙂 glad she enjoyed her bday.

ALRIGHT GOT TO GO. happy belated bday to my sister, my cousin (chian), my another cousin (yunyi), my friend (nelson), errr. i guess i dont really have friends who’re nov babies. ok. BYE.

sorry if ive missed you out. im heartless i know.

OH. did i mentioned that i was down because bryan’s dog had to be given away!!!! hopefully he can get them back… if he managed to get into signals after he become an officer. i miss frost and lightning… esp frost because very unlikely can see him much.

i really teared for frost. imagine if he’s really my dog. hai.

oh. and my friend who i got to know from the stewardess interview is leaving posb! oh man. ): lost one colleague whom i can trust. ):


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random photos.

November 12, 2007 at 2:20 am (updates)

pardon for the silence. been busy working, baking, etc.

few random photos

papa’s bday:

8th Oct 2007. love em alot.





followed by

photos of US officially moving into the new house (errr. his new house actually. just that was with him throughout and some of my items are there.. so hurhur.)


wait till his house is REALLY DONE (even though its sleepable), then iwill take more photos and upload them. (:




us in the lorry:

ok. i went out to take a shot of him inside :X

its my papa’s. he needed his car! so ): but its a good experience for bryan! X:

and i tried too. errr. just driving like less than 500m on a straight road. 😀






my dbs training colleagues…

with trainer..

no trainer..

my sleeping partner :)) am missing her.





pretty japanese goodies.

(from japan)





my bakes (just a few..)


am really satisfied with all the results. (: trial and error.

been trying and trying…

but overall 😀

finished within a day. which means its 😀

so glad. am loving the nutella muffins, chocolate fondant, choux.

weeee. and just completed my shortbread. (:

but need to improve on the presentation.. so no photos! :X





photos of the dogs officially moving in!

their house: the balcony.





and finally… OUR PHOTO.


sometimes… when i see how much i meant to him… i am really touched. i really wished that i can feel that everytime…

but anyway, thanks (:

i hope its that honeyed everytime………………

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October 30, 2007 at 11:02 pm (updates)

we missed the tsukiji fish market. couldnt wake up.

lunch inside the train station… at central tokyo.

not bad. but salty.

and tasty.

our last photo at sheraton grande while heading back to the shuttle bus to the airport:

and of course we were pretty reluctant…

i kept myself busy by gorging food.

byebye japan..

hello to the food that ive bought back:



o. and im trying out SKII eye treatment film. heard that its good.

i shall feedback on it next time… after i get enough rest and sleep 🙂 supplement + effort = beautiful.

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October 30, 2007 at 10:08 pm (updates)







its like we go through this storyline… (about how the explorer died from a msyterious lift at this hotel…) then took a lift all the way up then sudden drop.

i we thought it was scary. but its not.

owell. the storyline seemed pretty interesting but its in japanese.

hmm. other photos in Disneysea..

our lunch…..

and saw this special icecream

seasalt icecream! ok i admit im attracted to the beautiful casing too 😀

night.. at disneysea:

our dinner:

oh and we had this bottle of Rosa before our dinner.. and drank them all up in like less than 30mins?

yes. took two rides (one the tower of terror and another a slight roller coaster bumpy ride) after that..

and i puke. during the ride. (had plastic bag prepared already)

i even felt like i was about to faint when i took the ride. lightheaded and stuff.


i look reddish red and stuff. and i was feeling like some shit.

i cant take alcohol well. bryan said i should have told him not to take the ride… but owell. didnt want to waste it.

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October 18, 2007 at 12:53 am (updates)


three sets of…

and to console ourselves,


is a total of about 130+++ (cant remember)

its ok if its fantastically fantastic. but it was really… blah. ok.

worse thing was that we didnt know it will cost this <——> much. i mean does the meal even worth that much?

 owell. a good try.

then me and bryan headed tooooooooooo…… ta-da-DA.


OK. ive always love disneyland (hated the price) even since when i went to the one at LA with my family, which was MUCH BETTER. they speak english, everything english.

but tokyo one was not bad too. i like the people. (:

anyway, was very curious to why they had disneyland and disneysea. i was like wow. different from usa. usa didnt have that. so shall give both a try. (seperate days though)

but it turned out to be that if you combine disneyland and disneysea together, it equals to LA’s disneyland. hmm.

but who cares.

i ❤ disneyland x10000000000.

its the only place where i can feel YOUNG again. not that im old, but anyway!

presenting to you… disneyland..

first stop… trying of the ‘heads’

was really excited when i saw people wearing it while making my way to disneyland.

so i buggggg him that this will have to be our very first stop.



the people… (plus the balloons)

and us!

us again

as the queue was fucking long… our fastpass, we only managed to get for one ride! which was fucking late. note the time.

like how many donkey hours after!! imagine the crowd. omg.

12.15.. we can only take our ride at 20.50 ~ 21.50.

and yes. the queue average waiting time is about 1 – 2 hours!!!!!!

owell. then we headed for:


i love this town man. but because he didnt quite like we didnt stay for long.

i remember loitering there when i was with my family (ok we had like 3 days? or more than that pass. so we do have plenty of time)

our first ride. was some kiddykiddy toontown rabbit ride. but i like it. 😀

makes me happy. hur.

then our second ride…


but to kill the time…


and i started to study the map, TOO.

so very quickly.. we were up there.

but errr. still got a long wait. we waited for like almost 2 hour (or more?) for one ride that lasted for less then 3 mins?

and man.. we were sooo hungry after this.. had our late lunch!!

after lunch, we flew on a dumbo.

and many other rides. too busy running from places to places to take anymore photos.

then, we toook ths disneyland special its a small world horror ride.

ok actually it wasnt scary.

its just the normal “its a small world” ride. we thought it will be different (because both of us remembered that its supposed to be different!!)

turn out that

its a pretty retarded normal ride. with dolls dancing and singing its a small world. and its wasnt really pretty.

i still smile, anyway.

beautiful night view of disneyland…

and i think i will continue more tomorrow. its 1am and im tired. sorry.

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October 17, 2007 at 12:48 am (updates)

hurhur. me and my camera. alright i know its out already… but 😀 am still proud to be the FIRST in singapore to own it. and probably the world……. wheeee.

ok really got to go. byeeee.

(ok i better fucking not lose this. lost like my nokia phone.. my lg chocolate (my gift from bryan! D:) … two of my cameras (one was like 700, another 500? argh.))

i am one very careless girl.

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October 17, 2007 at 12:40 am (updates)

sorry for the very belated update… been veryvery busy (and lazy).

weekdays, work, lesson, (sometimes, gym), tv, sleep.

weekends, bryan bryan bryan.

ahhh. am really so packed that i kept falling asleep in class! like practically every minute. opps.

anyway, a continuation. am really sorry if it pretty brief. its 12midnight and i promised myself to sleep at 11.30!

i was being a nice sister to help my sister shade her olevels art (one of it):

my shading really deproved! but at least i tired my best. blame it on the 4 years of not touching art AT ALL.

i used to love painting ALOT. im better with acrylic paintings…… shading wise.. hmm. i need the black pen to enhance the strokes too.

ok. back to the original topic.



yummy BUFFET STYLE breakfast!

accompanied with beautiful scenery…

bath at the hotspring, facing mt fuji..

the only prob is that WE HAVE TO ENTER THE HOT SPRING BATH LIKE TOTALLY NAKED. so glad at that time nobody was around. hurhur.

errr. fyi, its a male-female seperate bath.

back to shinjuku.. then to maihama (where disneyland is located!)

on the way on the way..!!

the park view from our hotel…. SHERATON GRANDE. one of disneyland’s official hotel.

we were very fortunate that they upgraded us to the executive floor.

a very beautiful hotel.

our yummy pizza at the hotel’s cafe (which was fucking expensive i tell you. wait till i blog about their breakfast tomorrow. the price was.. shocking)

very deliciously cheesy yummy pizza 😀

blue cheese is included.. too!!! 4 cheeses.

and.. our hotel transfer shuttle bus service 😀

then me and bryan headed to akahibara.. the electrical city.

many many anime and manga stuff :D~~~

then both of us very ON one.. craved for that famous ramen (remember i mentioned earlier on?) at harajuku so we took a 45 min train ride (its already 8.45 something like that) alllll the way there!!! hoping thats its still open

and indeed it is! there’s still some queues even! not as long but pretty long.

and this time we ordered the spicy version. and damn was it good. oh god.

(in case you’re wondering, ya his mum didnt join us.)

then since its like alrdy 12 midnight, only the tram service is still available… so we took a one way pass 😀

hurhur. its really empty. so glad to be able to stay at sheraton grande 😀

and to end this off… just want to share my favourite poster on the tram!!!


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